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Resourcing, our R3 Approach

Our own experience as Hiring Managers means that we have experienced the same frustrations as you have in having to sift through CVs that are not relevant to the role you are seeking to fill.

We know how much time and effort that takes away from your day job when you are not only trying to ramp up with resources, but you also have tight budgets, a project to deliver and a team to manage and direct.

From a candidates perspective, we have also experienced first hand the frustration candidates face when called by a recruitment consultant that play “buzzword bingo” without understanding the role or the requirement they are trying to fill.  

With our Project Delivery Management experience, we understand the project roles and project delivery lifecycle so we can quickly capture your resourcing requirements and shortlist the best fit candidates so that you only need to review CVs of candidates that are relevant.

We screen and interview candidates to ensure that they not only understand the role, but they are also able and willing to take on the role.

Following is an overview of our R Cubed (R
3) approach: 

1. Requirements    
    a. Needs Analysis

2. Resourcing    
    a. Search    
    b. Screen and Shortlist    
    c. Submission

3. Result    
    a. Interview    
    b. Offer and Placement

The R
3 approach is extremely flexible and can be tailor to your needs. This allows Bellitto to become a value add service so that we can complement your resourcing efforts.

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