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Bellitto work with a variety of established companies, large contractors and public sector employers throughout the UK. One of the organisations that we work with is the MOD or cilvil service sector.

To work within the MOD sector you will normally be subjected to a number of interviews and be required to undergo a security check.

The MOD process 3 main types of National Security Vetting (NSV) checks and clearances.

  • Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) for people employed in posts with proximity to public figures, access to information or material assessed to be of value to terrorists or unescorted access to establishments assessed to be at risk from terrorist attack. A CTC does not allow a person access to or knowledge of protectively marked assets.
  • Security Check (SC) for people employed in posts which have substantial access to secret assets or occasional controlled access to top secret assets.
  • Developed Vetting (DV) is needed for people with substantial unsupervised access to top secret assets.

A small number of clearances are granted where the risks are managed through follow up work and monitoring.

As many of our recruiters are EX-Forces we know our way around the MOD processes and understand the processes, proceedures and understand the 'Civil Service core competence framework' that is key to any successful carear in the Civil Service.

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